Top 9 Effective Guides to Create a Lead Magnet as an Online Teacher

Guide to create lead magnet.
Jessica Jatau
Jessica Jatau

Like you, some other creators and experts are either teaching or desire to teach what you are teaching. This means the competition is certainly high in acquiring students to sign up for such classes. This often brings creators to strategise ways to get more prospects to trust them and sign up for their course. This is where a compelling lead magnet saves the day.

What is a Lead Magnet?

A lead magnet is a valuable resource you offer for free in exchange for a potential student's contact information, most usually an email address. The lead magnet can be in many forms including an eBook, a free consultation, a checklist, a webinar, or even exclusive access to a live class. The goal is to provide something so irresistible that your audience can't help but sign up. Through this, you can build their trust in your expertise.

What are the Best Lead Magnets for an Online Teacher/ Course Creator?

The best lead magnets are those that showcase your expertise and give potential students a taste of what they can expect from your full classes. This can be a mini-course, free lessons, how-to guides, or exclusive webinars. These not only build trust but, also demonstrate your teaching style and the value you offer.

Here are some popular options for online teachers:

  • Cheat sheets & Checklists
  • Workbooks & Templates
  • Mini-courses & Video Tutorial
  • Ebooks & Guides

What are the Different Formats (Types) of Lead Magnets?

Different types or formats of lead magnets depend on your online class’ objectives and audience preference. Here are a few popular options:

Visual Formats

This includes infographics, cheat sheets and checklists, which combine engaging visuals, simplified reference materials and information that provide practical value.

Written Content

They include ebooks, templates, worksheets, assessments, and guides, which offer comprehensive valuable resources on specific topics for the readers and also allow them to get personalised results

Audio & Video

This includes podcasts, tutorials, webinars, live classes, and consultations. This helps you connect with your prospective and also serves as an avenue to nurture them into conversion.

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Guide to Creating an Effective Lead Magnet

Even without previous experience, you can create a compelling lead magnet. Here are 9 strategic steps to follow:

1. Identify Your Target Audience

It is important to understand your target audience. Who are your ideal students? What are their goals, pain points, and interests? Create a detailed persona of your target audience to ensure your lead magnet resonates with them.

2. Determine your target audience's pain points

What are the pain points related to your course? Conduct surveys, read reviews, and engage with your audience to uncover their pain points. From your findings, provide solutions with your lead magnet. Your lead magnet should offer a clear solution.

3. Identify your lead magnet's value proposition

Your lead magnet should focus on providing value beyond a sales pitch. What unique benefits does it provide? Whether it’s auditing, increasing knowledge, or improving a skill, make sure the value proposition is clear and compelling.

4. Choose your preferred type of lead magnet

Select the type of lead magnet that best fits your audience’s needs and shows your strengths as a teacher. If you’re great on camera, a webinar might be perfect. If you excel at writing, an eBook or guide could be the way to go.

5. Create your lead magnet

Create high-quality content. Use essential tools and software to ensure your lead magnet is high-quality. If it’s an eBook, include engaging visuals and clear, concise content. For webinars, ensure your presentation is informative and well-polished.

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6. Build your landing page

Your landing page is where potential students will sign up for your lead magnet. Make it visually appealing, clear and persuasive. Highlight the benefits of your lead magnet, use strong calls to action, and keep the sign-up form simple.

7. Create a delivery email

Create a welcome/confirmation email that once someone signs up, it will be sent with a link to download or access the lead magnet. This email should be professional and friendly, reinforcing the value they’re receiving.

8. Promote your lead magnet

Share your lead magnet on social media, in your email newsletter, and on your website. Consider running ads to reach a wider audience because the more people see your lead magnet, the more leads you’ll generate.

9. Get Ready for Class with Klas

With your lead magnet bringing in new students, it’s time to get ready to host your class. Klas, an online teaching platform known for its user-friendly interface, makes it easier for creators and online teachers. With Klas, you can manage your academy operations seamlessly. With features like Klas Pay for global payments and student insights, you’ll have everything you need to succeed.

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