6 Ways to Get Students' Feedback to Refine and Optimise Your Online Classes

Student feedback optimisation
Jessica Jatau
Jessica Jatau

6 Ways to Get Students' Feedback to Refine and Optimise Your Online Classes

As a tutor, coach, or anyone who teaches about what they know best, it is only natural that you want to constantly improve your teaching style so you can always stand out, stay relevant, become more engaging, and offer the best value to your students. Often, students may not be interested in giving feedback because they feel it might be time-consuming hence it’s necessary to adopt innovative strategies of getting feedback from your students.

In this article, we will explore 6 innovative ways to get feedback from your students that will help you refine your online classes and further attract more students to register for your courses.

Ways to Get Feedback from Your Students

1. Q&A Discussion Session

This is a strategic and creative way to get students' feedback. As you let the conversation flow, use the medium to allow students to ask questions, and share their insights, especially during live class Q&A discussions while you take a record of what your students are saying about the class. This also provides real-time feedback. With Klas, whether it's a live class or a pre-recorded class you can always create a Q&A session with your learners to provide clarity for them and to also get feedback.

2. Using Polls

Polls are an effective way of getting targeted feedback from your learners. This is effective because you can easily embed them into your lessons. This strategy helps give you insight into their understanding of the lessons, topic preference, and their experience so far, so you can consistently improve your classes. Our tutors love using Klas because it gives them the ability to create polls to get feedback from their learners.

3. The Muddiest Point Survey

The muddiest point survey is a way of getting feedback on the rate of understanding of your learners in your class. It’s a situation where you ask your students what they feel is the most difficult, least clear, or most confusing part of the lesson. This helps you refine your teaching technique or approach, and revisit areas that need to be simplified further for your students.

4. Midterm Learner Evaluation

Midterm learner evaluation is beyond the exam that either passes or fails your students. It is an innovative initiative that allows you to gather feedback on the course structure, content clarity, workload, and teaching technique halfway into the class. You can achieve this by using Klas' built-in forms. Midterm learner evaluation allows you to make crucial adjustments to enhance the learning experience for the remainder of the lessons.

5. End-of-Course Feedback

Now your students have reached the end of the course. What next? A comprehensive end-of-course survey is a goldmine of information, which allows you to gather feedback on all aspects of the course, from the overall structure to the effectiveness of the learning materials and teaching method. Klas' analytics tools provide insights into learners’ engagement and completion rates so that you can have a holistic picture of your course's effectiveness.

6. Individual or Group Interactions

Don't underestimate the power of one-on-one interactions as a way to get feedback from your students. You can schedule a one-on-one call or group discussion with your students to share what they think about the course and what suggestions they have for you to improve on.

Applying innovative strategies to getting feedback in your online classes, helps you create a collaborative learning environment where your students feel heard and their insights are valued. With this, your course will continuously evolve to meet your learners’ needs better.

Why Try Klas?

Klas isn't just a platform for creating and selling online classes; it has essential and user-friendly built-in features designed to gather valuable student feedback. From interactive live classes to insightful analytics, Klas empowers you to understand your student's needs and refine your classes for maximum impact.

Ready to get started?

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