8 Expert Tips on Creating Buzz About Your Online Class on Social Media As an Online Creator

How to create buzz on social media
Jessica Jatau
Jessica Jatau

How can I use social media to generate excitement and enrolment into my online class? We are especially here to help you answer that. With the massive increase in the number of online tutors worldwide, it’s necessary to make relevant efforts that make you stand out and place you in the top feeds of potential students.

In this article, we discussed 8 tips considered by experts to be effective in creating buzz and generating enrolment for online classes.

The Importance of Social Media to a Successful Online Class

Social media is a powerful platform for connecting with potential students, showcasing your expertise, and building a community around your expertise. Studies show that 73% of social media users say they've learned about new businesses or products through social media platforms. This emphasises the need to use it to optimise your marketing efforts. Here are some benefits of social media:

It Gives You a High Reach

Social Media has billions of active users on various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (now X) which offers you the possibility of higher audience reach.

Targeted Marketing

You can create target content to reach your ideal student. This increases the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

Helps Prospect Build Trust in Your Expertise

By sharing valuable content and engaging with potential students, you would establish yourself as an expert. This fosters trust and encourages more enrollment.

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8 Expert Tips on Creating Buzz About Online Class on Social Media

1. Identify Your Audience

The first step of a successful social media strategy is understanding who you're trying to reach, their pain points, and where they spend their time online. Knowing your ideal student allows you to precisely create content that addresses their pain points and choose the most relevant social media platforms for your expertise.

2. Identify a Suitable Social Media Channel

The various social media platforms are suitable for different interests. LinkedIn is great for professional courses, while Instagram and TikTok appeal to younger audiences. Facebook groups encourage community discussions, and Twitter is ideal for quick updates and interactions. It’s important to choose the channel that suits your audience’s preferences.

3. Host Live Webinars

Webinars are a strategic way to show potential students your expertise, teaching style and the value your class offers. You can provide quick consultations, showcase your expertise, and create a sense of urgency among potential students with limited-time enrollment discounts through webinars.

4. Host Live Questions and Answer Sessions

Live Q&A sessions allow potential students to ask questions about the class content, structure, and outcomes, which helps them make informed decisions. Hosting a regular Q&A session will demonstrate your commitment to student success and inclusive communication as a tutor, which builds trust and establishes you as a thought leader in your field.

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5. Share Helpful Infographics

Infographics are some of the most engaging visuals which simplify complex information and make it more digestible. Use social media to share infographics related to your class topics, tips, or even industry insights. Because infographics are easily sharable, they can increase your reach and visibility on social media.

6. Engage Your Audience

Don't just post and disappear. Consistently engage with your audience to enhance their interest in your class. Respond to comments, ask questions, and encourage discussions. Also, share student success stories and testimonials to build credibility and showcase the impact of your classes.

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7. Use Paid Advertising When Needed

Even though organic reach is valuable, you can use paid advertising to boost your visibility or marketing effort. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram offer targeted advertising options that can help reach your ideal audience. Invest in ads to promote your courses, webinars, and special offers to maximise your reach.

8. Prepare Ahead with Klas

Having made the effort to create buzz about your online class, seamlessly prepare for the class with Klas. It offers a seamless teaching and learning experience for both you and your students. Klas allows you to host live classes, and manage your online academy with ease. Its built-in payment system, Klas Pay, ensures hassle-free transactions in different currencies, and the student management tools keep track of your class enrollments and insights.

Explore the power of social media and Klas to create a thriving online academy. Try Klas for free today and experience the difference it makes to your online teaching journey. Visit Klas to get started and explore all the features that can help you succeed.

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