An Effort to Create a Seamless Online Teaching and Learning Experience by Klas

Dear Online Teacher/ Instructor,

We understand how challenging it is to create and deliver online classes and manage your learners effectively to achieve the best result. It can be a frustrating experience juggling between different online platforms or software to host classes and discussions and create a forum for your students to network and foster a sense of community.

We have heard many online tutors and instructors share their concerns about the need for a learning management system (LMS) that streamlines all their efforts while enhancing their productivity. At Klas, we understand it’s our responsibility to ensure online teachers and students can seamlessly navigate between live classes and after-class engagement, and build a supportive community – all within a single platform that is why we are committed and excited to roll out new transformative features on Klas in the coming weeks.

Here are some of the benefits you get to enjoy on Klas with the new features.

Better Engagement Experience

Engagement is an important factor in ensuring an effective learning process. Our new interactive features would further optimise your effort as a teacher by allowing your students to actively engage with you during classes and after classes on the same platform. These features will further boost your productivity and enhance your time management skills because you can do everything on the same platform without juggling different software.

Better Community Experience

Beyond delivering classes, fostering a sense of community among your students is important. With our new features rolling out, your students can easily connect allowing them to ask questions and share ideas in a collaborative space. Often, this kind of community fosters a sense of belonging and keeps your learners motivated to stay engaged throughout the learning process. You can also take advantage of such a community to promote or advertise referral programs for the next cohorts.

Streamlining All Your Efforts

From your class creation to delivery, after-class student engagement and payment for your classes, we are set to simplify all your processes to make both teaching and learning a swift process for you and your learners. With these enhanced features on Klas, you can track enrollments and earnings, view student insights, create student communities, and manage operations seamlessly. These features are designed to save time and reduce administrative burdens.

Further, with the platform's enhanced built-in payment system, which supports global transactions and offers fast payouts in different currencies, you can enrol international audiences without worrying about complicated payment processes.

Anticipate the New Face of Klas

Klas is constantly evolving and striving to provide a seamless and enriching educational experience for teachers and students. These new enhanced features are part of our commitment to ensure that both teachers and students have access to the best online educational tools and resources available

Ready to Create Your Thriving Online Academy?

On Klas, anyone can teach what they know best, from anywhere. If you are passionate about sharing your knowledge and creating a lasting impact on learners worldwide, Klas is the suitable platform you need to get started with. With our seamless user experience, interactive features, and commitment to ongoing development, we empower you to earn from what you know with ease.

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