4 Reasons Why You Should Teach What You Know Online

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Jessica Jatau
Jessica Jatau

Over time, the misconception of only thought leaders can teach what they know has limited a good number of people from sharing what they know, especially online for fear of being trolled. It’s important to know the validation of what you know, especially when you teach others, is in the result it brings, not in random people's comments. Hence, you don’t need to be called a thought leader before you start teaching and earning from what you know how to do whether it’s baking, playing musical instruments, writing or cooking, among others.

One fascinating thing is the world of opportunities the internet has been opening for creators and everyone to teach and earn from what they know beyond the traditional way of teaching. In this article, we shared four unique reasons why it’s recommended to teach what you know online.

1. It’s More Convenient

Teaching online offers more convenience for you and your students than transporting to a physical venue, following strict schedules, and dealing with other challenges that could arise from traditional teaching methods. Online teaching platforms like Klas allow you to create a virtual classroom from the comfort of your home. This flexibility allows you to teach when it is most convenient for you and your students, whether it is early in the morning, at noon, late in the evening, or on weekends.

Furthermore, online platforms like Klas allow your students to replay lessons anytime it is convenient, allowing them to learn at their own pace, which leads to better comprehension and retention of what you teach them.

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2. It Gives You Access to a Larger Pool of Students

One of the main benefits of teaching online is the ability to reach audiences in different parts of the world. Unlike traditional classroom settings, which limit your reach to local students, online teaching eliminates geographical barriers. This increased access to a larger pool of students expands your potential impact, broadens your teaching experience and increases your earning potentials.

Platforms such as Klas make it simpler to attract and manage students from all over the world. With features like live classes with interactive sub-features to facilitate engagement; easy-to-understand student management tools; and “Klas pay” a globally acceptable payment system, you can effectively engage with a diverse group of learners at a global level.

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3. It Increases Your Streams of Income

Teaching online can significantly increase your sources of income. By offering live classes you can generate multiple revenue streams. Klas simplifies this process with its built-in payment system, Klas Pay, which allows you to accept payments from all over the world and receive quick payouts in multiple currencies. This financial flexibility can be transformative, whether you want to stick to keeping it as a passive income or pursue a full-time online teaching career.

4. It Streamlines Your Effort from Student Enrolment to Management

Managing an online teaching business can be difficult, but platforms like Klas make the entire process easier. Klas provides a suite of tools to make your teaching experience easier, including student enrollment and management. You can easily keep track of enrollments, monitor student progress, and get detailed insights into your students' learning behaviours.

Klas also offers a streamlined learning hub where students can view upcoming classes, quizzes, and other resources. This comprehensive management system enables you to focus more on teaching and less on administrative tasks, resulting in a more efficient teaching and learning experience for you and your students.

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Start Your Online Teaching Journey with Klas

You too can start sharing and teaching what you know best, online even without being tagged a thought leader. For an easy transition into using online teaching platforms, Start with Klas. Klas provides everything you need to set up and run a successful online academy.

With Klas, you enjoy:

  • Live classes for up to 100 students with cloud recording and interactive features including polls, emojis, and Q&A to facilitate students’ engagement during and after classes.
  • A built-in payment system (Klas Pay) for global transactions, with quick payouts in multiple currencies.
  • User-friendly interface and comprehensive management tools for tracking enrollments, earnings, student progress and student data.
  • A central learning hub where students can track classes, quizzes, and other resources.

Sign up today for free and join the growing community of educators making a difference worldwide, while empowering themselves and their students with the convenience, reach, and flexibility of teaching and learning online.

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