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Because we have your best interests at heart, we always want to keep you close to our hearts. So right here is where you’ll be getting every Klas’y’ gist.

In this edition, we will walk you through what Klas is. If you’ve been wondering, come with us.

Jessica Jatau
Jessica Jatau

What is KLAS? Teaching Made Easy

Do you have a brain brimming with ideas? Can you explain quantum physics like it's a recipe for banana bread? Got a skill that could make a hamster do backflips? (Because, frankly, who doesn’t?)

If you answered yes (even to the hamster backflips), then sit up, knowledge-magician! You're sitting on a goldmine, and Klas is setting the stage for you to shine.

Introducing Klas, the platform where you can set up your own online academy and thrive. Where teaching becomes more than just sharing, it transforms into a money-making adventure.

Here is How Klas Empowers You

Jessica Jatau
Jessica Jatau

Teach your way

Klas lets you build your online academy your way, no matter how niche. Baking sourdough bread like a pro? Building robots from square parts? Juggling flaming chainsaws while reciting Shakespeare? (Okay, maybe not that last one, but you get the point.) We won’t judge. Set up your classes on Klas as a creator, industry professional, or skilled artisan, and teach your way, not the highway.

Monitise Your Expertise

Your knowledge deserves compensation. Knowledge is power, and with Klas, it's also lucrative power, where you earn extra income on your own terms. Make the most of your skills, even while doing other jobs.

Better yet, turn those lazy Sundays into lucrative classes.

Pick your topic, come to Klas, set up your classes, teach on your terms, and earn on your terms.

Klas lets you take control of your pricing, from one-time payments to recurring subscriptions.

If you’ve ever dreamt of making a living by your passion, skills, or knowledge while being in total control of your time and schedule, then Klas is the platform for you to build your own community and truly shine. It’s easier than you think.

Live Classes

Host interactive live classes to connect with your students in real time.

Our live classes allow you to connect with your students around the world, breaking geographical barriers to foster real connections between you and your students, engage in discussions, answer questions, get instant feedback and support, and build a fan base that cheers!

Seamless Teaching Platform

Navigating the Klas’ platform is like a breeze. Klas prioritises simplicity while bringing your favourite tools and apps into perfect harmony.

Klas makes everything easy for you to launch your online academy, from handling the payments directly from the platform, thereby eliminating the need for third-party intermediaries, to setting up all you need to get started as a tutor. Think of Klas as your friendly learning ecosystem, removing technical barriers and allowing you to focus on what’s truly important: your classes

One Klas Can Change Your Life

But why Klas? You ask? Well, let's say we've got the secret sauce that makes launching your online academy a piece of cake (and we're not talking about stale cafeteria brownies)

Everyone has something valuable to teach. You have so much knowledge and expertise; share it with people around the world and make a living from it while being in control of your time and schedule.

Klas takes care of everything, from payments to making your live classes seamless.

Don't just dream about financial freedom; make it happen with Klas!

Visit tryklas.com to get started today.

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